Buying or selling a home?


 Our program is free to use and the donation is entirely from the Realtor, Lender or other professional. There is no additional cost to you! 


It's Simple:

1. Fill in the form below and we will match you with a qualified member.

2. The member will pledge an amount or percentage of their fee to be donated.

3. You will get the story of the Non Profit or person you helped. 

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These are potential donations based on us matching you with a 20% pledge from a Realize Giving member. Each member communicates their own pledge and amounts may differ. 

These are potential donations based on us matching you with a 20% pledge from a Realize Giving member. Each member communicates their own pledge and amounts may differ. 


This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

Well, breathe easy! There is no catch. No hidden fee. No extra home charge. No extra percentage charged from the Realtor. No jacked up listing prices or anything else like that. Our members have agreed ahead of time to participate in our giving program. 

So, if I don't pay for the donation, who does?

Our members are excited to get leads from us and to give back to Non Profit work. The donation comes from their own fee at no additional cost to you. 

How much will the donation be that comes from my home purchase or sale? 

Donations are pledged from the member at the time of the match. Many donations are up to 20% of the fee. For Realtors, this could be up to $600 for every $100,000 in sale price. Each member decides their own donation pledge and pledges may differ. Our program works for both buyers and sellers. Let's take an example of a Realtor with a 20% pledge. Let's say you sign up here and are matched with a this member Realtor to buy or sell your next home. This home sells for $500,000. As is normal, your Realtor receives a commission from this sale (commissions are agreed upon in advance and paid by the owner of the property. The buyers of the property pay no commission). In our example, the sale closes and the Realtor receives a 3% fee. This would mean your Realtor gets paid $15,000 (3% of $500,000 sale). 20% of the Realtors commission (the donation) is then $3,000. You choose your Non Profit as the beneficiary.  They will now receive $3,000 as a donation. 

Do you have any Member Real Estate Professionals in my area?

We can work anywhere Realtors, Lenders or other pros are located. If we do not have any established members living nearby you, after you sign up to be matched, we will actively recruit a new member for you! This usually only takes a few days.  

Do you work with home buyers as well as home sellers?

Yes, absolutely. 

Can I suggest a Realtor or other professional I would like to use? 

Yes. You will still need to sign up here on the form above. Just give us the name, email and cell number of your preferred professional in your message on the form and we will contact them to see if they will participate in our program. The contact needs to happen through us. We let them know we have someone who has requested them. If a Realtors, they will need to agree to give up a portion of their commission in a referral. Referrals are common between Realtors and most Realtors are very happy to participate in our program.

How does REalize Giving make money?

We make money from business memberships and referral fees we charge Realtors.

Will you share the story of how my sale helped the Non Profit?

We ask the Non Profit to send us a few photos and the story of how they used the donation. Our members are encouraged to pass this story on to you so you can feel the impact your sale made!