It's Simple

1. Sign Up to be a partner and we create a portal for you to use on our site. 

2. Spread the word every way you can and send your network to your portal. 

3. Big donations come as folks respond!


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We are global.

No matter where your Non Profit is in the world our program can work for you. Once you have signed up (using the form above) we will email you a portfolio with helpful information and resources to inspire you on how to use the program. 



Sample portal

After you sign up we create a portal for your Non Profit at no charge. This is where you will begin sending people when they are thinking of buying or selling a home.

Your portal will be You can, of course create your own page on your own website in addition and we do recommend this. People who sign up on your portal choose your Non Profit to be the beneficiary of their home sale. We then send them a selection of local Realtors living in their area and when the sale closes 20% of the Realtor's commission will be donated. No matter where they live, if they sign up on your portal, their sale can generate a donation to your Non Profit. How cool is that?!

This portal on the right is for a Non Profit called African Road based in Portland, Oregon. Click to view it live or visit 



Wondering if there is a catch?

Well, breathe easy! There is none. We do hope you will send us the story of how your Non Profit uses the donation to help someone. Other than this there are no strings attached. The program is free and all money given is a donation. REalize Giving is able to do this because we work with benevolent Realtors who are willing to give up a portion of their own commission as a donation. REalize Giving gets paid by negotiating an additional percentage from our partner Realtors when we refer someone to them. This, once again, is money that comes from the Realtor's pocket and is at no additional cost to either you or the client. Our Realtors are excited to get the lead and to give back from the sale. 

Does my Non Profit qualify? 

Yes! Your Non Profit qualifies. Our program be used by all Non Profits including churches, homeless shelters, low income housing service organizations, job creation programs, pet adoption agencies, missionaries, community developers, child sponsorship programs and all others! We exist to fund Non Profits and leaders like you!

How much are the donations? 

The donations are 20% of the Realtor's commission. This tends to be about $600 for every $100,000 in sale price. Let's take an example. Sam is a Realtor and he is selected by Carla, who your Non Profit sent to REalize Giving, to represent her home sale. Carla's home sells for $500,000. For this she has agreed to pay Sam a commission. She would have paid this anyway and there is no additional cost to her for our program. In our example, the sale closes and she pays Sam a standard 3% commission. This would mean Sam gets paid $15,000. 20% (the donation %) of this amount is $3,000. Carla chooses your Non Profit as the beneficiary.  You receive $3,000 as a donation. 

How many donations could you get in a year? 

The sky is the limit! That's the beautiful thing. Stats say about 10-15% of the people in your network will buy or sell a home sometime during a given year. These are national averages and can vary from area to area of course. So how many people do you have on your mailing list? How many on email and social media? Most likely, at least 10% of them are great candidates. Better yet, almost everyone KNOWS SOMEONE who will be buying or selling and could pass the word on for you! This program works anywhere. So your aunt who lives in Texas can do this and donate to your Non Profit in New York. Someone who used to volunteer with you who is selling their home and moving to another state where they will buy a home could have both sales from both states benefit you. The more you get the word out the better the response will be! Dream big and go for it.

How do I get the word out?

After you sign up we will send you a portfolio explaining everything and to help inspire you. You can make it easy by using the avenues you already have. Do you send out newsletters? Email blasts? Social media? Do you have volunteers you can share this with? How about the staff team? Every person has the potential to send one person through the program! The key is to commit, spread the word and be consistent. It's a message you have to keep in front of people so that when they happen to be thinking of buying or selling a home (or hear about someone else who is) you and REalize Giving come to mind. Think about how 3x per month everyone in your network could hear about the program.  

Do you have any Realtors in my area?

We can work anywhere Realtors are located. When someone wants to buy or sell a home in your area, they will sign up on our website. If we do not have any established Realtors living nearby, we actively recruit and vette a selection of local Realtors to choose from. We do this through a commonly used practice between Realtors called referrals. In exchange for a client referral agents are excited to participate in our program and to give back through the sale of the home.