With REalize Giving, you can now choose a Realtor who will donate to your favorite Non Profit on your behalf. And the best part is the giving all comes from our Realtor's pocket, not yours. 


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Giving back is in our DNA. I believe everyone feels fantastic inside when they help someone else. For me? I thrive on it. The bigger ways, the better! And what bigger way to help others than to help them have a home? A home is more than a building. Sure, a home is essential for safety and for a structure to protect us from the elements. But I’m talking about a HOME: a place where one is not only safe and protected, but the safe haven that affixes to a person’s heart and soul.

By choosing me as your Realtor, we get to partner with REalize Giving for a very simple bottom line reason: When your home is sold or purchased, others will receive a home or other vital housing assistance also. That’s it. I’ve sought out various ways to do this over the years and have met many obstacles or red tape roadblocks. Finally, THIS is a WAY. And... the most incredible part? My client friends (that’s YOU!) get to choose o the real estate transaction gets to benefit others’ lives. YOU are empowered to take an ordinary transaction and make it extraordinary!

How It Works

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By choosing me as your Realtor your home purchase or sale will change someone's life. I will put my expertise to work serving your needs in Real Estate.


We donate on your behalf

You may select the Non Profit you want to help and I will donate a portion of my fee on your behalf. The cool thing is the donation won't cost you anything extra. 


You get the story 

After your sale is complete, you will receive a hardcover, keepsake book featuring the story of who you helped. We help you feel the meaning of the impact you made. 

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