With REalize Giving, you can now choose a Real Estate Professional who will donate to your favorite Non Profit on your behalf. And the best part is the giving all comes from the Partner's pocket, not yours. 


Burlyman Creations

REalize Giving Partner

Tom Attard, Founder

Tom Attard, Founder

Here at Burlyman Creations, we pride ourselves not only in the work we do, but in the attitude and care we show to each one of our customers. We desire to break the mold of just another construction company and create an environment that is friendly and responsible to bring you an experience that will leave you feeling cared for, understood, and with a beautiful piece of art that will last.

With experience in building log cabins, framing houses, crafting canoes, meticulously making guitars and everything in between, we are confident that we can create nearly anything that wood would allow. It is our mission to give you the best experience we can possibly give through our attention to the smallest detail, and desire to make your voice heard.



How It Works

use a Realize giving PARTNER

By choosing us as your builder your business will change someone's life. We will put our expertise to work serving your construction, finish work, or custom project needs.


We donate on your behalf

You may select the Non Profit you want to help and we will donate a portion of our fee on your behalf. The cool thing is the donation won't cost you anything extra. 


You get the story 

After your sale is complete, you will receive a hardcover, keepsake book featuring the story of who you helped. We help you feel the meaning of the impact you made. 

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